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We are one of the important actors of the automotive industry... 

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We are between the departure point and the destination point!

We use an effective quality management system during the design and production of automotive, vehicle seats and their molds, apparatus, and special-purpose machinery.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, businesses emphasize the difference on the product image with design. Design playsd a major role in customer preference between two products of the same technical quality. In this sense, the aim of the design is to contribute to the functionality of the product and to help the market ing by changing the appearance of the product.

Industrial and Mechanical Design

In addition to sensitive and advanced industrial designs that will meet aesthetic and ergonomic expectations, we realize our common dreams with mechanical designs in which all parameters in the production and use of the product are optimized.

Optical 3D Scanning

3D scanning services for a virtual replica of the real product.

Class-A Surface Modeling

High-quality surface models that integrate engineering and aesthetics.

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Özkılıç Automotive

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